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Isaiah 41:10.

About Me

After being trapped by the will of God in the Holy City , Cleveland, Tennessee since 1986, I finally left the South for good and returned back home to the North and now live in Northwest Indiana.

I stayed among the hills of Eastern Tennessee after graduating from Lee College in 1991 with my Bachelor's degree with a double major in Biblical / Christian Education with a pastoral majors sequence, since the Spirit of God had other plans. I became a bivocational Church of God (Cleveland) minister, letting Mr. Whirlpool support my ministry by day and pioneering an apologetics/countercult outreach called Spiritwatch Ministries, keeping the spotlight on the devastation that cults in the Tennessee Valley and beyond have left and offering a pastoral and educational perspective on the problem.

Spiritwatch Ministries is still performing its mission. We've just moved our operations. We stand ready to work with any Christian or church wanting to be a difference in this Cultworld that presses hard upon the church of the last days .. visit our website for more info.

We have specialized in providing information on the exceedingly dangerous and deceptive cult called Remnant Fellowship, led by the self-proclaimed "prophet" Gwen Shamblin who uses her "faith based diet" the Weigh Down Workshop as the primary recruitment arm for her twisted movement. We've been ministering to dozens and dozens of people and families terribly afflicted by this pernicious group. ... But we'll get into more of that later ..

The Westmore Church of God graciously uplifted and supported us for 10 years until I felt it was time to leave there, which I did in 2002. I served as a Kindergarten Sunday School teacher, a FTH teacher, as an altar worker and I have served in the pastor's prayer partner team. I then attended at the South Cleveland Church of God, where I served as an elder, serve in altar ministry and counseling. I was a member of the men's ministry board there. In 2012, I finally moved back near to the Chicago Metro area into Northwest Indiana and have been ministering as needed at the Crossroads Church of Lynwood, Illinois. Our ministry revamp is in full swing and that ragged website presence will soon change!

But the Tent is also still open!